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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vintage knickers guide

A wide variety of types of panties exist. Bikini panties are designed so that the hip connectors are small, like on those of swimwear. String bikini panties are the most commonly worn type in the United States and are similar to regular bikini panties, but instead of a thin hip grip, they have a small string, which sometimes ties around the waist rather than being pulled up over them. String bikinis are considered more revealing. String bikinis are usually made of satin or silk, but occasionally from other fabrics. High-cut, or control top, are cut higher on the hip to slightly pull in and shape the stomach to conceal obesity. High-cut are usually worn by older women and are often shunned by younger women. Boyshorts describe a type of female underwear that has a lower, thicker cut of material around the hips, making them appear as shorts that men would wear. They are sometimes criticized by men and women alike as not being feminine, although some women do wear them. The g-string is a thong panty with a string running between the buttocks. It is often jokingly referred to as "floss" by critics and some comedians.
Panties are made of a variety of materials and fabrics including satin, silk, pvc, cotton, nylon, mesh, lace, rawhide, leather, latex, lycra, and/or polyester.
In British English, and in places such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and India, panties are often referred to as knickers. The term knickers is not generally used in the USA and Canada, where the term "panties" is usually favoured.