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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Girdle Advice

Open bottom girdles shape the hips, tummy and derriere. It is a myth that wearing a girdle will make you significantly smaller but it will give you a little leeway on a too-tight dress. It also smooths out any lumps and bumps which makes an open bottom girdle ideal for wearing with a tight fitting pencil skirt or dress.

"Putting em on. The nails I have broken until I learned how to put on a girdle properly! Here's how. Fold girdle in half. Step into it. Pull up on hips, unfold, roll up. Run your hands under the girdle at the side of the hip and smooth the fabric, pulling it down gently."

"I like to fasten my back garters first, seems to make it easier". 'I Haven't a Thing to Wear,' by Judith Keith, 1968

A corselette or includes a bra and covers the whole torso. Imagine a beautiful, fitted, black silk cocktail dress. Now think of the visible lines left by your bra, knickers and suspender belt. A corselette comfortably solves all of these problems and ensures a smooth line from bust to top of thigh"You Never Thought You'd See The Day department: Ms. magazine, under it's new Australian management, adds a regular column on clothing in the February issue, to wit: 'A lot of women are finding that, far from being demeaning, ...corselettes are marvelous novelties and to wear'. Well, we know those Aussies were bottom-line conscious." Parade Magazine, 'On Parade', 1988.