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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waist Cinchers

If you're trying shapewear for the first time, one of our waist cinchers is a must! They nip in your waist to give you a '50s hour glass figure and, more importantly, do so comfortably! Unlike corsets you don't need to save them for an evening out, but can wear them on a daily basis with no pinching! Woman today don't seem to have as defined waists as in the past and not only is our power mesh cincher a best seller, some customers claim it has changed their lives! Yes, really!From a fashion point of view a nipped in waist is the look for Autumn/Winter 2005. The emphasis has moved away from the breasts, with push up bra sales falling dramatically, and the waist is the new focal point.Waist cinchers are ideal for wearing with tight waisted, full skirted dresses for a 1947 Dior 'New Look' image, or under tight pencil skirts for a 2005 Roland Mouret look.Like the ones here