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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Present day use of the metal clasp 6 & 8 strap suspender belt

Present day use of 6 and 8 strap suspender belts
Six and eight Suspender belts continue to be sold through specialty and some department stores, as well as catalogues and websites, because many women find them more comfortable than girdles or pantyhose. There is also a certain element of sex appeal, too, because many men like their wives or girlfriends to wear garter belts and stockings rather than pantyhose. There are also panties with attached garters, similar to those seen in some of the men's magazines in the early 1960s. Garter belts today are available in a variety of colors and materials; red or black satin garter belts are particularly popular. Six-garter and four-garter versions are available; women find the six-garter styles more practical. Many garter belts today are made of a mixture of nylon and spandex.

6 or 8 Strap suspender belts functionality
A 6 or 8 strap suspender belt or garter belt normally had three or four suspender straps with metal clasps or garters fitted to the suspenders on each side attached to a stiff, reinforced strip of material (at least two or three inches wide) that fastened around the waist. Three garters worked best in attaching the stocking because the two-garter version did not hold the stocking as tight.