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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Corsets and corset advice

Most women wear a corset these days for the glamour as much as the effect. Corests come in a variety of styles including corset dresses, gothic corsets,bridal corsets,corset tops, victorian corsets and even girdles. There is a long history of corsets which are a popular lingerie choice for women. Wearing a corset takes you back to a more decadent era, making you feel you've just walked out of the Moulin Rouge. Corsets (at least the steel boned ones we sell), are not to be taken lightly. They'll easily skim 4" from your waist and want to keep going long after you've given up. They shouldn't, however, feel uncomfortable. You should feel as if you're being hugged tightly.Corsets are the ultimate in boudoir dressing, but they needn't be confined to that. A corset makes a daring top when teamed with a pencil skirt or even trousers (as Kylie Minogue has demonstrated recently). If you want to achieve a nipped in waist (think Dior's New Look) a corset may not be the right answer. A waist cincher is a more practical option for everyday-wear.Corsets are really quite simple to get into once you get the hang of it. We provide full instructions with every corset purchased.