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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Corset sizing

All our corsets come in even waist sizes (22", 24", 26" etc). To determine your corset size take 3 to 4 inches from your normal waist measurement. If you have a natural waist measurement of 28", then your corset size will be 24". If you have a natural waist measurement of 29" then your corset size will be 26".Most of our corsets feature a busk front (front opening) and laced back. To try on your corset don't undo the lacing at the back, simply untie the bow in the middle and 'jimmy' the corset apart. Once you have a gap of a few inches you can undo the busk front and put the corset on like a belt. If it doesn't fit simply 'jimmy' the back ties a little further apart. Once the corset is on. Pull the centre loops of the back ties gently but firmly to tighten the corset. If the corset is a longer style you might need a little help to tighten the top and bottom of the corset but with practise will be able to do it alone. The corset shouldn't close completely and easily on the first try. If it does, it's probably too big! Once you've worn your corset a few times you'll be able to gradually lace tighter so both sides meet at the back giving you a perfect fit.