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Monday, February 11, 2008

Rose Dashwoods new movie - wearing Pandoraschoice lingerie no less!

Rose Dashwoods sizzling comedy movie featuring our favorite frilly knickers, satin knickers and stockings

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About the title: "Living Pictures" or "Tableau Vivant" is defined as "a scene presented on stage by costumed actors who remain silent and motionless as if in a picture". In the 1940s the UK government ruled that depictions of nudity on stage were legal providing they contained no movement. The reasoning being that this made them like great art works - statues, classical nudes in art etc. Any movement rendered the depiction obscene and was prosecuted.

Hence strip and burlesque clubs to remain within the law, only depicted full nudity as part of a "living picture" - usually a historical or biblical scene. This way the audience could claim they were watching legal artistic displays not sex. Famously Paul Raymond later got around the law by having stage hands move the models (who remained absolutely still) around the stage on wheeled platforms etc - so allowing him to advertising moving nude models while still remaining within the law (much to the annoyance of the authorities).